Following national guidance, we are open and here to help anyone who may be in need of our services. We are currently offering appointments either by telephone, through online video consultations or face to face (in line with our COVID-19 guidelines). For advice on coping with COVID-19, please read our advice page here.

Mental health support for NHS and Social Care Workers

Wellbeing support during the Covid-19 pandemic

At TALKWORKS we recognise the significant efforts being made by our colleagues in the NHS, Social Care and the police force in caring for people and fighting the coronavirus outbreak. That is why we are offering a priority wellbeing support service to all NHS, Social Care and Police staff.

The roles and responsibilities of our colleagues at this time are in high demand, resulting in individuals pushing themselves to help others in need. TALKWORKS recognise these demands are creating immense pressure on key workers. Individuals may be showing signs of stress or workplace anxiety, coupled with concerns for their colleagues working on the frontline and worries for friends and family.


Are you a member of staff in the NHS, Social Care or the Police force and would you like to talk about the thoughts and feelings you may be having as a result of caring and supporting for others affected by COVID-19? We are here and available to offer you support to help you look after your own emotional wellbeing. 

Video: Advice and guidance to NHS and social care staff about how to build resilience, wellbeing and self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Part 1 focuses on the challenges faced and how you may feel about this.
Part 2 introduces principles from psychological first aid about how you can look after yourself.
Part 3 helps develop a personal self-care plan and troubleshoots common difficulties in putting this into practice.

Following national guidance, our support is currently available remotely via telephone call, through digital platforms or face to face (please note we have limited face to face availability. These appointments will be carried out in line with our COVID-19 guidelines).

Our support and help begins with an initial appointment carried out by a clinical professional, once we identify how you are feeling our support continues with follow up sessions, guidance and online support to help you manage at this difficult time. If you are a member of staff in the NHS, Social Care or the Police force in need of support then please complete the referral form below: