Following national guidance we are open to all referrals offering initial assessment appointments and follow up sessions on the telephone or through digital platforms. For advice on coping with COVID-19 please read our advice page here. A priority service is also being offered to all NHS, Social Care and Police workers. Please click here to get in touch.

Sleep and Wellbeing Workshops

Learn how to sleep well and live better

Sleep and Wellbeing Workshops

At TALKWORKS we offer free NHS workshops to help you with sleeping difficulties and managing stress, particularly during challenging times. 

Our Sleep Workshops look at the reason why you are struggling to sleep and help to get you back on track. To manage stress and anxiety we offer guided self-help sessions and provide you with self-help material to take away with you. We can provide you with talking therapies to help you understand your worries, to develop strategies to help you manage them, and help you feel like ‘you’ again.


A two-hour free session to help people manage a range of sleep problems from waking in the night to struggling to fall asleep.

NHS Sleep Workshop dates

The following sessions are aimed at anyone over 18 who currently struggles with their sleep. Due to social distancing guidelines these sessions will be held online. To book your place call us on 0300 555 3344

Date  Time
Thursday 29th April 10:00
Wednesday 12th May 18:00
Tuesday 8th June 13:00
Thursday 24th June 18:00
Wednesday 7th July 18:00
Monday 19th July 10:00
Tuesday 3rd August 18:00
Wednesday 18th August 18:00
Friday 3rd September 10:00
Thursday 16th September 18:00
Tuesday 28th September 18:00
Monday 11th October 13:00
Wednesday 27th October 18:00
Monday 8th November 18:00
Tuesday 23rd November 10:00
Thursday 9th December 18:00
Wednesday 5th January, 2022 18:00


TALKWORKS for Challenging Times

A two-hour session introducing people to a range of basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help them manage their day to day wellbeing in the current times.

NHS CBT Workshop dates

These sessions are aimed at anyone over 18 who may be struggling with stress or wants to learn about basic CBT techniques.

Due to social distancing guidelines these sessions will be held online. To book your place call us on 0300 555 3344

Date  Time
Tuesday 20th April 13:00
Wednesday 28th April 17:00

Wellbeing for Parenthood Workshops

Free 2 hour workshop, aimed at supporting parents to build resilience and increase wellbeing in pregnancy and parenthood.

NHS Wellbeing for Parenthood Workshops

The workshop is open to anyone who is pregnant or a parent to a child under the age of two. You can attend with children present if you are unable to access childcare. 

To book your place call us on 0300 555 3344

Date  Time
Wednesday 5th May 18:00-20:00pm
Tuesday 18th May 10:00am-12:00pm

TALKWORKS Introduction to Mindfulness

A free one hour 15 minute online session on the potential for mindfulness to help manage stress, anxiety, low mood, and pain. The session will include being led through short guided meditation practices, space for some light discussions, and information on how to develop this practice further including details about our 9-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses.

Introduction to Mindfulness dates

Please note that this session is available for anyone over 18, but may not be suitable for you if you have experienced significant emotional challenges such as trauma, abuse, an acute mental health condition, recent loss or bereavement, major life changes or addiction to substances.

To book your place call us on 0300 555 3344

Date  Time
Monday 26th April  17:30
Wednesday 7th July 09:30