Ali thanks TALKWORKS for teaching her how to challenge her thoughts and feel happier

Posted by Admin on 30 August, 2022

Before accessing TALKWORKS, Ali was experiencing symptoms of both depression and anxiety, which impacted her sleep. Through using cognitive behavioural therapy and reframing her thoughts, she has started to feel like her old self once again.

“I had become so low that I woke each day with dread and anxiety. I was staying home daily for major repair works following extensive water damage. For months I had battled with insurers and lived with missing floors, ceilings and plaster to walls. I became reclusive, anxious about every repair job. The depression made me concentrate on negatives like how rare it was to hear from family and friends. I was not sleeping well and this was affecting my memory and concentration. I was in a very bad place and realised I needed help.

My GP offered to refer me to TALKWORKS – an NHS talking therapy service. I agreed to try it. The call came through quite quickly and I was assigned to a lovely lady called Izzy. She listened with a caring manner and sympathetic ear, explaining that my low mood and anxiety were normal responses to difficult situations, but sometimes it can become overwhelming. We talked about my feelings, physically and emotionally, and how my negative thoughts and anxieties were affecting all parts of my life at that time. Izzy recommended that I try a course of CBT and attend a Sleep Therapy session. Every 2 weeks, Izzy gently led me through a CBT workbook.  I learnt how to challenge my thoughts, stop unhelpful thoughts in their tracks and to see things in a more positive way. I was amazed how much this helped and how quickly I started to feel like my old self. I now have the tools to help me going forward.

If I ever need TALKWORKS in the future, I can give them a call with no need for a referral. That is such a reassuring offer.

Thank you so much Izzy”.

TALKWORKS can help adults (aged 18+) living in Devon who are struggling with prolonged low mood, increased anxiety, stress and sleep difficulties. You can access our service through a referral from your GP, or by self-referring yourself. To self-refer, simply fill out an application on our website or speak to a member of our team by calling 0300 555 3344.

As an NHS service, all treatment and support accessed through TALKWORKS is available free of charge. 

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