Life after Lockdown – how TALKWORKS can help

Life after Lockdown – how TALKWORKS can help

Posted by Admin on 7 September, 2021

The past 18 months of living through lockdowns and restrictions has been incredibly stressful for most of us. Each of us have had different experiences, with some finding that the routine of lockdowns and staying at home actually brought them comfort, whilst others have been craving the freedoms and routines of life before COVID-19. Now that restrictions are lifted, it’s understandable if you’re feeling nervous about the new challenges we’re facing, such as the anxiety of returning to the office or finding it difficult to socialise in big groups again.


Feeling anxious or low about these changes is very normal.

Although people around you may seem excited about the lifting restrictions, rest assured that almost everyone is a little bit anxious, whether it’s about when they should or shouldn’t wear a mask, how close to get to people or where to go and what to do in a social situation. 

For some, life has changed so unimaginably since the beginning of the pandemic the idea of ‘going back to how things were’ may feel completely impossible. Health has been affected, jobs have been lost and your life may have changed so much it can be hard to see a positive way ahead. Whatever impact the pandemic has had on you, you don’t have to suffer in silence or go through it alone. 

TALKWORKS can help you handle these changing times and feel able to cope again.


TALKWORKS Wellbeing Workshops 

TALKWORKS is running free Wellbeing Workshops on a whole range of topics, including a ‘Stress Less’ session, focussed on helping you find ways to manage your worries. Other workshops offered are ‘An Introduction to Mindfulness’, ‘Wellbeing for Parenthood’, and ‘TALKWORKS for Sleep’. These sessions are run by qualified ?PsychologicalWellbeing Practitioners who will teach you a range of evidence-based cognitive behavioural techniques and help you to take these next steps forward positively. 

The workshops are designed to help you to help yourself with a wide range of advice, useful handouts and lots of information on where to get further support. 


Book your place

If the changes to restrictions and the uncertainty of life after lockdown are making you feel stressed, overwhelmed or on edge, don’t wait for that feeling to get worse; take the first step and get support today. Signing up is simple: anyone over the age of 18 with a GP in Devon can call TALKWORKS on 0300 555 3344 and register with the service to book a place. You can find out more on the TALKWORKS website.

If you live in Plymouth, please contact Plymouth Options  for support.

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