Martin shares his experience using TALKWORKS

Posted by Admin on 20 March, 2023

Martin sought help from TALKWORKS when he found that anxiety and panic attacks were preventing him from doing the hobbies that he previously enjoyed. He opens up about how online cognitive behavioural therapy and regular support from his therapist enabled him to get back to feeling like himself again:

"I contacted TALKWORKS initially when I was struggling to control extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

My anxieties and panic attacks were ruling my life. I was not going to work, I was not attending any social events or enjoying my hobbies or friendships. Things had got really desperate - I was becoming depressed.

This position had probably taken years to manifest, aided by life’s little hits and my increasing avoidance behaviour, which of course included not seeking help!!

It had got to the point for myself and my family where I needed a way forward.

Making contact with TALKWORKS was very easy. I received a very quick response, and was assured help was at hand, and that nobody would judge me.

I was offered help and chose online modules to complete on my phone, tailored to my illness. My progress was regularly checked and reviewed by a very competent and compassionate therapist. I never felt rushed, and always felt the support was genuine. The conversations always left me feeling more positive about my situation.

A lot of hard work is required with CBT exercises, but boy is it worth it in the end. The tools and strategies offered by TALKWORKS allowed me both to get well and to stay well.

If you are struggling, please ask for help. I am a 50 year old man who has managed a factory, who thought he could fix this on his own. It turns out that I needed help from people that understand anxiety and depression. Thankyou TALKWORKS. Make the call, change your life."

TALKWORKS is a free-to-access service which is part of Devon Partnership NHS Trust. We offer support for a range of common mental health problems, including low mood, stress, worry and panic attacks. You can self-refer without needing to see a GP by calling 0300 555 3344 or by completing the online self-referral form on our website.

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