NHS Mental Health support for the Deaf Community

Improving your mental and physical wellbeing


Here at TALKWORKS, Devon's NHS Talking Therapies Service, we are an inclusive service and we welcome referrals from members of the Deaf Community. We have also recently welcomed a Deaf Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner who can communicate in British Sign Language (BSL). 

Our therapists are trained to work compassionately and empathetically with you to understand what you are going through. If you are nervous about having an appointment with us, please be assured that we are here to help you. We can provide an interpreter as part of our therapy sessions, and this can be done as a face to face appointment or online via video call.

If you would like to self-refer to TALKWORKS, you can do so by emailing us on dpt.talkworks@nhs.net. In your email, please mention that you are a member of the Deaf community, and we will then take this into account when arranging your assessment. 


If you are a British Sign Language (BSL) user you can contact us via Interpreters Live, during our working hours - Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.45pm.


You are not alone

If you are struggling with any aspect of your wellbeing, you do not need to go through this by yourself. Here at TALKWORKS we aim to support the needs of anyone who needs access to our services and can make adjustments where required to enable you to receive the best possible experience.

We can offer a choice of therapy options and coping strategies to help you to feel happier and to get back on track.

TALKWORKS currently has:
  • Short waiting times for appointments

  • A choice of therapy, including one-to-one sessions with a therapist, group therapy and online self-help
  • Online wellbeing workshops focused on sleep, managing stress and looking after your health and wellbeing

Please remember that you are not alone in what you are going through, and help is available. The sooner you get in touch, the faster you’ll be able to feel better and recover.

Self-refer today



Get Help

Call us on 0300 555 3344

Here at TALKWORKS, we’re here to help you feel better about life, and to help you feel like yourself again. Whether you’re dealing with an overwhelming life event, having sleepless nights or struggling with anxiety, we are here to help. You can self-refer to our service and a member of our team will then be in touch to arrange an initial appointment. TALKWORKS is not able to provide a crisis response service. If you need help urgently, you can access emergency mental health support information on our website.