What are sleep difficulties?

Don't worry. You're not alone

What are sleep difficulties?

It’s likely that all of us will have struggled with sleep at some point in our lives; nights spent tossing and turning leading us to feel tired the next day. Some people’s lifestyles (such as having a young child) will mean they are unable to sleep as much as they need, but your sleep can also be heavily affected by stress or when you’re feeling low.  Many people find themselves lying awake at night with worries racing through their minds. Sleeping difficulties are commonly known as ‘insomnia’. It's important to remember that if you are struggling, help is available.


How are you feeling?

Sleep difficulties can have a number of negative effects on you. Often, they’ll lead to you feeling exhausted all of the time and it can create a cycle of worrying and low mood. Lack of sleep can also have an impact on your physical health, such as your blood pressure, so it’s important to get some help if you are struggling. Other symptoms of sleep difficulties include:

  • Dropping off to sleep during the day
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Finding it hard to make decisions
  • Feeling low or down
  • Worrying regularly about not being able to sleep
  • Changes to mood such as being irritable

Should I tell my friends and family?

If you are struggling with your sleep, and are affected by worries or stress whilst trying to get to sleep, one of the best things you can do to help yourself is reach out to the people you trust, and speak to them about how you are feeling. They may be able to talk through your problems and help you to find solutions.

How can TALKWORKS help?

At TALKWORKS, we offer sleep workshops which look at the reason why you are struggling to sleep, and help to get you back on track. We also offer guided self-help sessions and provide you with self-help material to take away with you. We can provide you with talking therapies to help you understand your worries, to develop strategies to help you manage them, and help you feel like ‘you’ again.

To get in touch with us:

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If you prefer, you can speak to us over the phone, or you can make an appointment with your GP to discuss how we can help.

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“I could not fault the service I received. I was listened to and given so many different resources to help my anxiety and depression. I was so very low a year ago but with the amazing support from my therapist I feel more and more myself every day. Thank you TALKWORKS.”

“The therapy gently supported me to both understand and come to terms with my diagnosis and how it has impacted on me as a person for so many years. I felt I could be open and honest in a very safe space. I not only feel better, I understand myself better too.”

“I was apprehensive about using the service thinking I wasn't "bad" enough but a talk to the cardiac group by a TALKWORKS practitioner gave me confidence to self-refer. I was referred with respect and taken seriously throughout, felt safe and was given tools and advice to help myself take control of my situation.”