LB shares how TALKWORKS has made a difference to her life

Posted by Admin on 24 June, 2022

LB reached out to TALKWORKS when she was experiencing panic attacks and increased anxiety. In the passage below, she shares her story of what made her decide to reach out to TALKWORKS, and how talking therapy has made a difference to her life:

“I had been struggling with anxiety and decision making for a while. I was becoming paralysed by even the simplest decisions and having panic attacks when uncertain.  One day I stood in a car park crying over a decision of whether to donate some old clothes to charity. I knew then it was time to do something.

I had used TALKWORKS in the past and knew that I could refer myself online, which made it accessible. The first call back is always slightly nerve wracking, but I was made to feel at ease and that I had done the right thing. 

The CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is hard work, and to begin with it is difficult to know how to get through it. But reassurance and support from my therapist helped me to see that I could change my way of thinking, and make life a lot easier for myself.  Behaviour experiments were hard, and I had to force myself to do them, but after each one I would feel a little bit better and proud of myself which would motivate me to keep going.

I have finished having sessions with my therapist now, but the process still carries on. Every day I have to practice what I have learnt and push myself to keep going - but I feel I have the tools to help me do this by myself now.  I have learnt that its ok to make mistakes and that decisions are not right or wrong. I try not to get consumed by the little things and have found ways to distract myself when I feel the anxiety reappear.”

If you are experiencing low mood, feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, and are in need of support, you can talk to TALKWORKS. We are a team of qualified psychological wellbeing practitioners and psychological therapists, offering both face to face and remote appointments across Devon (excluding Plymouth - if you live in Plymouth, please contact Plymouth Options), to help you feel more like yourself again.

We are an inclusive service and we welcome referrals from people aged 18+, no matter their race, gender, sexuality or religion. You can refer yourself to TALKWORKS without needing to see a GP first, either by calling us on 0300 555 3344, or filling in the self-referral form here.

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