TALKWORKS Clinicians Louise and Karim thank those who cared for their daughter

TALKWORKS Clinicians Louise and Karim thank those who cared for their daughter

Posted by Admin on 24 November, 2021

TALKWORKS Clinicians Louise and Karim have thanked those who have cared for their daughter, Layla.

Layla was born with life-threatening birth complications, including hearing loss and heart defects due to CHARGE syndrome. Earlier this year, Karim and Louise married in a special blessing ceremony at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Layla, who had been in hospital since March 2021, was there as their bridesmaid. Sadly, no guests were allowed at the hospital ceremony due to coronavirus restrictions. However, the couple said that staff at the hospital made their day special, as they were treated to live guitar music, a photographer and a video of family and friends.

During Layla’s time in hospital, Karim and Louise were able to stay in dedicated family accommodation, provided by the independent charity Ronald McDonald House Bristol.

Layla has now been discharged, and the couple want to thank staff at the hospital and RMH Bristol for their support and care provided.

Karim said: "I’m really pleased to inform you that as a family we’ve been discharged and have now returned to Devon. I would like to do something to support the charity accommodation that kept us free of charge for six months.

“Layla was discharged on the 5 September after being an inpatient since March 2021. During that time we were provided accommodation by RMH Bristol, who are an independent charity which provides free accommodation to parents of children who are critically ill within Bristol Children’s Hospital for as long as they need, no questions asked. They were very compassionate and I always saw the team there go above and beyond to support the dozens of families who came and went during our stay.

“The charity that supported us have set us up a specific Just Giving page so people who choose to donate from the Devon Partnership Trust are able to see how much they’ve been able to raise."

If you are not a member of DPT but would like to support the Ronald McDonald House charity, you can still make a donation on their website.


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