Callum is covering 100 miles for mental health as a thank you to TALKWORKS Testing

Posted by Admin on 8 July, 2022

In July, Callum is challenging himself to do a 100 miles via running or cycling to raise awareness of mental health and money for the Devon Partnership NHS Trust Charity as a thank you to TALKWORKS.

Callum previously reached out to the service when he was struggling, and through accessing treatment and support he has been able to get himself back on track.

He said, “I have decided to do some fundraising and I am aiming to raise £500. This is to show my support to services that have been able to help me through some quite mentally challenging times in my life including TALKWORKS.

TALKWORKS are a free (NHS funded) mental health talking therapy service which I have found overwhelmingly supportive for getting myself back on track and back into employment.

For a long time I kept quiet regarding how much I was struggling even to those closest around me. As a young man, the idea of actually talking through your problems can seem somewhat scary or even a weakness by many. However, I got to the point where the struggle simply got too much for me and I decided that I so desperately needed to speak to someone that wouldn’t judge me and could provide me with the support I needed.

By no means was I fixed overnight. I used the TALKWORKS service for over a year and at some point during that time I found what I needed to get myself out of the pit I was in mentally. 

Through baby steps using the service, I have been able to get myself back on my feet and can comfortably say I know that if I were ever in a similar position again, I have techniques and exercises I can use to ease the strain on my mental health. 

 I would be so grateful to anyone that can donate to this cause. I think mental health isn’t spoken about enough and if my story encourages someone to use the TALKWORKS service then I believe it has achieved its goal”.

We’re incredibly grateful to Callum for choosing to fundraise for the Devon Partnership NHS Trust Charity as a result of his experience using TALKWORKS.

If you would like to show your support for Callum and make a donation, you can do this via his Just Giving Page.

Callum Black with mum and sister

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