Access support from TALKWORKS: Devon’s NHS Talking Therapies service

Posted by Admin on 19 December, 2023

TALKWORKS, formerly known as an IAPT (improving Access to Psychological Therapy) service, is now Devon’s NHS Talking Therapies service. NHS England has renamed all IAPT services to ‘NHS Talking Therapies for Anxiety and Depression’ to make them more accessible to adults who are struggling. The new name was chosen following extensive engagement, including a public consultation and focus groups.

Jonny Wilkins, TALKWORKS Head of Service, said: “We welcome NHS England’s decision to change IAPT to the more accessible name of NHS Talking Therapies. While IAPT’s name has changed, the support available from TALKWORKS remains the same. We will continue to help adults across Devon who are struggling with a range of difficulties including anxiety, stress, low mood and worry. We encourage anyone who is finding things hard not to wait until things get too bad, but to contact TALKWORKS today. We are the NHS, we are free to access, and we are here to help you.”

How TALKWORKS can help me

TALKWORKS, Devon’s NHS Talking Therapies Service, will continue to offer a range of talking therapies to help adults across Devon (outside Plymouth, which is covered by NHS Plymouth Talking Therapies). This includes:

  • Low mood and depression
  • Anxiety (social anxiety and health anxiety), worry, panic attacks and stress
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Specific phobias (such as driving, spiders, heights etc)
  • Mild/moderate bulimia and binge eating disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Prolonged grief
  • Work-related stress

Alongside the above, there is also tailored treatment and support available for those impacted by the menopause. TALKWORKS also has specific treatment options for new and expectant parents; with a priority service for pregnant mothers and those who have just given birth. TALKWORKS Talking Health Team will continue to offer support for adults living with a long term physical health condition, including (but not limited to) diabetes, chronic pain and long COVID.

How can I access support from TALKWORKS?

You don’t need to visit your GP in order to access our service. Patients can self-refer to TALKWORKS by completing an online self-referral form on our website. Alternatively you can call 0300 555 344 (phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am – 4:45pm) and speak to a member of our friendly team. As Devon’s Talking Therapies service, all treatment and support accessed through TALKWORKS is available free of charge.  

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