Karen thanks TALKWORKS for helping her with anxiety, depression and sleep difficulties

Posted by Admin on 28 September, 2022

Karen contacted TALKWORKS to receive treatment and support for ongoing low mood, anxiety and sleep difficulties that she was struggling with. Through accessing online self help, she has been able to develop useful coping strategies to help him feel healthier and happier:

"When I contacted TALKWORKS after hearing about the service from my GP, I was at a very low ebb. I was barely sleeping (around four hours each night) and had fallen into a vicious circle of feeling very anxious and depressed.

This had started after losing my mother unexpectedly last year in the middle of a Covid lockdown, becoming estranged from my one sibling and his two children and our one set of neighbours (we live in the depths of rural Devon) knocking down and rebuilding their house.

I felt isolated and overwhelmed. I could not see a way out.

Had Covid not existed I could have gone to my local swimming pool (which had previously been a sanctuary) or visited friends in other parts of the UK, or even ventured abroad. But the anxiety within me grew and grew and I withdrew even more from doing things.

The team at TALKWORKS have been brilliant. They are professional, knowledgeable, kind and supportive. After so long struggling on my own, I felt someone finally understood my situation and they could provide me with coping mechanisms. They have gone above and beyond, working out of hours. Their courses can be accessed online and this has the added benefit of not having to travel anywhere and being able to obtain advice from the privacy of one’s own home.

I now have a set of tools I can dip into when I need to. Anyone who is experiencing any form of anxiety, depression or sleep deprivation should contact the service. Thank you TALKWORKS."

TALKWORKS can support adults (aged 18+), living in Devon, who are struggling with low mood, anxiety and sleep difficulties. You can self-refer to TALKWORKS without needing to see a GP or healthcare professional first by calling 0300 555 3344 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) or completing a self-referral form on our website.

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