Volunteer Archie shares his experience with TALKWORKS

Posted by Admin on 24 January, 2024

Archie reflects on how much TALKWORKS has made a difference to his life. We would like to thank him for sharing his experience about volunteering with us and for his involvement in creating the TALKWORKS volunteer training programme.

"From July 2022 to March 2023, I used TALKWORKS to help with my depression and anxiety. As the service helped me so much, I wanted to give back.

"Earlier in 2023 I teamed up with one of the clinical team leads at TALKWORKS, to create the volunteering programme. As the project progressed, I have been able to:

  • Co-create the volunteer training programme with one of the clinical team leads at TALKWORKS
  • Have a seat in the TALKWORKS volunteer steering group and attend regular meetings
  • Create the design concept and brief for the volunteer project leaflet
  • Attend three marketing events with TALKWORKS, clinicians at the University of Exeter.

"At the end of 2023, I had the opportunity to attend the clinical team leads meeting and pitch the project to a selection of TALKWORKS staff members. Then later, I presented at the whole service webinar, to officially launch the programme.

"I would like to thank the whole service for supporting this project."


If you are finding things hard and are in need of some support, TALKWORKS is here to help. We are Devon's NHS Talking Therapies Service. A free, confidential, service, part of NHS Talking Therapies, for people (aged 18+) in Devon (excluding Plymouth)

We are a team of qualified psychological wellbeing practitioners and psychological therapists, offering both face to face and remote appointments.

We are an inclusive service and welcome referrals from those over 18, no matter their race, gender, sexuality or religion. You can get referred to our service by your GP, or you can self-refer online or by calling us on 0300 555 3344

If you have used TALKWORKS before and like the idea of volunteering, then you can get in touch by emailing dpn-tr.DPTVolunteers@nhs.net.

Alternatively you can find out more information about the volunteer programme on our website.

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