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Jacqueline shares her experience of accessing TALKWORKS

Jacqueline contacted TALKWORKS following an appointment at her GP surgery. She started treatment and recognised how she could challenge negative thoughts to feel happier in herself. 



How CBT has changed my life

Amy was referred to TALKWORKS by her health visitor. Initially, Amy was sceptical if Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) would be right for her, having previously tried this with another service which didn’t help her. Here Amy shares her story and her very different experience of having CBT with TALKWORKS. It has changed her life.

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Danielle thanks the TALKWORKS Perinatal Team

We spoke to Danielle, a twenty nine year old expectant parent, living in Devon.
She shared with us the difficulties she experienced when she fell pregnant, and how accessing TALKWORKS helped her.

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James shares his experience using TALKWORKS

James contacted TALKWORKS when he was struggling with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Through regular sessions with one of our therapists, he has managed to deal with his anxieties and get back on track.

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Debby thanks TALKWORKS

It can be so hard to speak about what you're going through, but it can also help you to feel better and get back on track.
Debby shares her experiences of how talking to TALKWORKS has made a difference to her life.

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LB shares how TALKWORKS has made a difference to her life

Former TALKWORKS service user LB reached out to us when she was experiencing panic attacks and increased anxiety. She opened up to us about why she reached out to TALKWORKS, and how talking therapy has made a difference to her life.

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Jonathan thanks TALKWORKS

Jonathan spoke to us about how the coronavirus pandemic impacted on his mental health. He discussed his experiences of feeling increasingly more withdrawn, and how reaching out to TALKWORKS helped him.

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Kat thanks TALKWORKS for helping her

TALKWORKS helps people of all different backgrounds. We spoke to Kat (aged 60) who shares with us how receiving help from TALKWORKS has enabled her to get through a really tough period in her life.

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Richard credits TALKWORKS for getting his life back on track

Richard reached out to TALKWORKS when he experienced feelings of hopeless and anxiety, following the loss of his wife. Through being listened to and support by our therapists, Richard was able to start over and get his life back on track.

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80 year old TW thanks TALKWORKS for helping her recovery

We spoke to TW who opened up about her recovery from a heart attack and what made her reach out to TALKWORKS. In her testimonial, she talks about how accessing therapy has helped her to feel motivated again.

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Peter thanks his TALKWORKS therapist for helping with his insomnia

Peter accessed support from TALKWORKS when he was experiencing sleep difficulties. He opens up about how talking through his problems with one of our therapists helped to change his relationship with sleep.

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Paul thanks TALKWORKS for helping to improve his prolonged low mood

Paul decided to explore his options to help improve his prolonged low mood. After initially trying medication, he reached out to TALKWORKS for support. He shares how the service has helped him to manage the impact of living with chronic pain and avoid entering a downward spiral.

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Ali shares how TALKWORKS helped her to challenge her thoughts and feel happier

Before accessing TALKWORKS, Ali was experiencing symptoms of both depression and anxiety, which impacted her sleep. Through using cognitive behavioural therapy and reframing her thoughts, she has started to feel like her old self once again.

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Hannah thanks TALKWORKS for helping her to prioritise her mental health

Hannah received treatment from TALKWORKS after realising she was burnt out. Through accessing support and regular therapy sessions, she was able gain a better understanding of how she was feeling and has been able to feel more like herself again.

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Diana thanks TALKWORKS for helping her to manage anxiety

Diana recognised that she was struggling with unhealthy behaviours and reached out to TALKWORKS for support. Through challenging her thoughts and identifying healthy habits, she was able to learn how to manage her anxieties.

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Tracey thanks TALKWORKS for the support she has received

Tracey decided to reach out to TALKWORKS when she recognised that her anxiety was causing her to withdraw from activities she’d previously enjoyed. Through accessing support, she was able to clear her head and get back on track.

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Rachel thanks TALKWORKS and shares her story

Rachel struggled with the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety for a number of years in silence. When she contacted TALKWORKS for support, she found that therapy played a key part in her recovery.

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Martin shares his experience using TALKWORKS

50 year old Martin opens up about how online cognitive behavioural therapy and regular support from his TALKWORKS therapist enabled him to get back to feeling like himself again.

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Matt thanks TALKWORKS for the support the service has given him

Matt contacted TALKWORKS after struggling with anxiety and low mood. Through working with a therapist and applying cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, he has learnt to manage his difficulties and feel more in control.

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Anthony thanks TALKWORKS

Anthony was referred to TALKWORKS after speaking to his GP about the difficulties he was experiencing. Through regular therapy and support from his clinician, he was able to make helpful changes and get back to doing the things he used to enjoy.

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