Why Talking Helps

TALKWORKS Clinicians discuss the benefits of talking about your mental health

A conversation can change a life.

Here at TALKWORKS, we want to encourage anyone who is going through a difficult time to remember that they are not on their own. We recognise that every person has a different experience in what they are going through and how they are feeling. Talking about what you are struggling with can be hard, but it does make such a difference.

We spoke to some of our TALKWORKS Clinicians who shared why they think talking about your problems is so beneficial, and why they’d encourage anyone who is struggling not to bottle it up or go through it by themselves.

If you would like to talk, you can self-refer to TALKWORKS, and gain access to our confidential talking therapy treatment options and support. As Devon's NHS Talking Therapies Service, all of our services are available free of charge to anyone over the age of 18, living in Devon.

Read what our therapists haVE to say...

Even though talking about things can be very difficult, often the anticipation is worse than actually doing it. Talking about things that are bothering me helps me to make sense of them, makes me feel less alone, and helps me challenge some of the anxieties I struggle with which aren't so helpful” - Eve, TALKWORKS Central team

“Sometimes when I'm struggling it feels like there's a weight on my chest, but once I've spoken to someone about it I tend to feel lighter and more relaxed.” – Izzy, TALKWORKS Outer Exeter team

"I find talking about difficulties with someone helps me to gain a better insight into what I am feeling. In turn, this helps me identify the further steps I need to take to address it. what I am feeling. In turn, this helps me identify the further steps I need to take to address it." - Charlotte, TALKWORKS East Devon team


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“Talking can really help us to feel connected and that we are not alone. It can be so reassuring to share our feelings and know that we are all in this together, with our own struggles. Just connecting some with someone when are low or anxious, or even when we are not, can really brighten our day.” – Jo Revolta, Talking Health Exeter and North

"It is such a relief when I share something that has been stressing me out and my friend replies with 'me too!' When we talk about our problems we realise how normal most of them are and it's really nice not to feel so alone." – Fran, TALKWORKS Exeter City team

"If I'm having a difficult time, I always feel so much better after talking about it with a friend or loved one. Sometimes it just helps to 'got it off your chest', and sometimes they can point things out which I might not have even thought about." - Josie, Talking Health Torbay and South team

“Sharing your concerns often helps to normalise it. Often people say they feel better just knowing they are not alone. It also helps break the stigma linked to mental health so you are not only helping yourself but others too.” - Daiane, TALKWORKS Mid Devon team

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“Talking to someone else can give you a different perspective.” – Alice, TALKWORKS Taw team

"Having someone just listen initially, without giving advice or being directive, can be so helpful." – Sharon, TALKWORKS Mid Devon team

"My mum's mantra: a problem shared is a problem halved." – Nick, Talking Health Exeter and North

"Talking with someone you know and trust can allow your emotions to be dealt with kindly, sympathetically and without judgement, giving you the freedom to open up and express yourself." - Penny, TALKWORKS Outer Exeter team

“When I tell someone my problems or worries out loud and they hear me, the worries shrink to normal size and things seem more ‘doable’.” – Clare, TALKWORKS Paignton and Brixham team

If you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, suffering from low mood, having sleepless nights or struggling with stress, TALKWORKS is here to help. We offer confidential talking therapy services and treatment options to help get you back on track. You do not need to hit ‘rock bottom’ or see a GP to access our services. You can self-refer to TALKWORKS online or by calling us on 0300 555 3344


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Here at TALKWORKS, we’re here to help you feel better about life, and to help you feel like yourself again. Whether you’re dealing with an overwhelming life event, having sleepless nights or struggling with anxiety, we are here to help. You can self-refer to our service and a member of our team will then be in touch to arrange an initial appointment. TALKWORKS is not able to provide a crisis response service. If you need help urgently, you can access emergency mental health support information on our website.